Our field is a fully netted 38m x 11m and has 28 inflatable barricades and two bases for you to hide behind.




Our paintball ammo is 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe. nontoxic, does not stain, and easily washes out with water.


*We do provide overalls.



Splatmaster is a perfect entry level paintball experience for kids or adults who want to get into the sport of paintball.

JT Splatmaster markers use a spring-loaded mechanism to shoot the paintballs rather than compressed air meaning a lower impact from the paintball when you get hit. These markers can shoot up to 30 meters and have marksman accuracy up to 15 meters. It’s fun, safe, and accurate.




A game that promotes teamwork, planning and good-natured competition, where you, a group of friends, workmates or colleagues can experience the thrill and excitement of strategic paintball in safety.


Paintball markers use compressed air to shoot a paintball around 35 M/s. You can shoot up to 5-6 paintballs per second depending on how quick you pull the trigger.